Waller family farm


Waller Family Farm is a real working strawberry, vegetable and beef cattle farm, located in Durham County.  Although Durham County is a fast growing urban county, 3 miles outside Chapel Hill, NC, the Waller family is strongly committed to preserving the rural character and open space that their farm provides.  The farm also provides for their many farm animals and abundant wildlife, at the same time provided the opportunity for families to visit and experience life on a real working farm.


We are closed for the season!

It has been a GREAT year and we thank you from the berry bottom of our hearts for all your support!!

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When Berries are available

Hours: 919-225-4305
Days: Monday - Saturday
     Closed Sundays
Address: 5030 Kerley Road                             
City: Durham
State: North Carolina
Zip: 27705

Email: wallermarkw@gmail
Phone: 919.225.4305
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